Pay Homage to Classic Beret Hat

After experiencing sales slump for decades, stereotypical French beret sold at high prices in Paris boutiques. Some believes that such a comeback of berets is sartorial. Such berets are regarded as a symbol of France, along with the accordion, baguette and Citroën 2CV. The French Laulhère is the last beret-maker, a supplier of traditional headgear to the French army. The supplier opened a boutique in Paris, shouldering with many luxurious brands like Hermès and YSL. At the start, woolen berets in the shape of discs were headpieces of male, topping on heads of shepherds and artisans. In the 18th and 19th century, berets were accepted by artists and then armies. Then, berets evolved to today’s female fashion accessories.

In 1895, Picasso painted rural France at the age of 14. Rural France is a symbol of a bygone. Many stars and celebrities have been photographed topping berets like Madonna, Brigitte Bardot and Samuel L Jackson, despite its falling out of fashion for a long time. It’s said that the word beret’s first appear was in France in 1835. The time should date back to the 16th century when they were regarded as head covering. Even powerful historians could not figure out its origination, possibly from Spain, the Middle East or Scotland. In the 16th century, Glasgow owned five bonnet-makes, and all of them turned out to tam o’shanters.

Over the years, hats have witnessed remarkable changes among clients. Laulhère sells various berets at different prices, spanning from €87 to €1,000.  All their berets are made of the finest wool, leather, sequins and stones. Although it is one of the oldest beret-maker, Laulhère concerned headgear’s future five years ago. But now, its turnover has rocketed to €3m as they sell about 200,000 berets one year. A member of the beret-maker indicates that the most expensive berets are designed to meet luxurious demands of tourists. Although not the only beret-maker in France, Laulhère owns the last history.

All factors like farm workers, philosophers and gamines who wink astride their bicycles are classic icons of French life. Wearing low over the brow is one distinct image of France; in addition, there are also other classic scenes, including tipping back like a carefree Bereton sailor, topping aslant like a Resistance heroine and the like. At present, those above scenes have vanished from daily life, and remnants of the beret industry are seeking their ways of survival.

french beret

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